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Helpful Amtgard Resources on the Web
Amtwiki This is a great resource that compiles information about Amtgard, it's members and it's kingdoms and parks.  Visit this site often and add to its content.
Celestial Kingdom The Kingdom that serves a large portion of Central Texas.
CK Forums The online forums for the Celestial Kingdom.
Nocturnis This is the park in North Austin/Cedar Park.  A great group of experience players who enjoy game and provide a great social experience for its members.
ORK Atlas The Online Record Keeper (ORK) Atlas.  This resource will provide you with the location of Amtgard Kingdoms (groups) all over the world.
Slaughter Creek This is the park in South Austin, a good strong group with great presence, attendance and fighters.
The Electric Samurai A high volume and fast paced forum about Amtgard.  This is one of the biggest forums on the web and full info and excitement.